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Custom Solutions and Testing

While we are confident that most of our customers will find something in our online store that fits their application, we understand that everyone’s needs are different and what works for some may not work for others. If this describes you and your business, then we want to help!  Our expertise comes in our ability to custom design an individualized, quality product that is right for each and every customer’s needs.  Our capabilities include:

EPS Panel Assembly

EPS Panel lined coolers are made of the same high quality expanded polystyrene as our molded insulated shipping boxes, but rather than having a solid base and lid there are 6 individual panels of EPS lining the sides, top, and bottom of the box.  These insulated shippers do not require the use of a mold, and are therefore easy to customize for a particular product line.  In addition to the size of the assemble shipping box, the thickness and density of the panels can be customized depending on the customers individual needs.  For example, a business shipping refrigerated goods overnight may only require 3/4″ walls at 1.0 pcf density, whereas someone that needs to ship frozen goods across the country may need their insulation panels to be 2″ thick or more.

Another popular characteristic of these insulated boxes is the ability to accommodate multiple products into a single box using an adjustable side panel.  We can produce the panels in such a way that one side can slide in and out within the box, eliminating extra space and maximizing insulation for smaller products, while still maintaining the volume necessary to ship larger products.  This comes in handy when the volume and frequency of smaller shipments does not justify the investment in an additional cooler size or molded insulated shipping container.

Custom Foam Molding

We have the ability to create custom shape molding with a focus in cushion packaging and insulation.  Through our valued chain of suppliers, we have access to a wide variety of materials, and will work with you to find the one that best fits your application.  Our custom foam products can help you reduce damages occurring in transit, saving money and frustration.

Custom Gel Sizes

We can manufacture a K-Lock™ Gel Pack for you of custom weight and size!  Our gel packs come in widths of 4, 6, and 8 inches, and we can adjust the lengths and weights to whatever your needs.  Our gel packs are manufactured on-site, so we have control size, weight, quality, and availability.

Thermal Testing and Package Validation

Our on-site environmental chamber gives us the perfect way to test out your insulated shipping box prior to implementation.  We can control the ambient temperature and use thermocouples to monitor the internal temperature of the package, a sample shipment, or even your product itself.  We can create custom profiles to simulate overnight, multi-day, and shipments occurring during extreme weather in the summer or winter months.  Tests are especially helpful in determining the amount of refrigerant required, testing for excursions outside of the acceptable temperature range, or planning for unexpected breaks in the cold chain.  We help you to fine-tune your insulated shipping box to fit your needs, so you can ship with peace of mind.

If you are interested in any of our custom packaging solutions or you are a high volume shipper that would like a custom volume quote, please call us at 717-227-6036 or email us at