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Why Buy in Bulk?

We understand that nothing is more important than getting your product to it’s destination safely and in the required temperature range.  But as we all know, the costs associated with shipping can begin adding up fast.  It is our goal to bring you a packaging solution that meets all of your perforIMG_0015[1]mance criteria without breaking the bank.  For this reason, all of our K-Lock™ brand Insulated Shipping Boxes and Cold Packs are offered in bundles and pallets, respectively.

As you may know from experience, foam coolers used in shipments are often subject to charge by “dimensional weight”, or volume.  Buying a handful of coolers at a time and shipping through a service such as UPS or FedEx Ground will result in paying too much for shipping, and can make transporting temperature-sensitive products a costly endeavor.  We attempt to mitigate this extra cost as much as possible by offering our coolers in stretch-wrapped bundles, complete with top and bottom dust guards, and shipping them via freight carrier.  While the initial investment may be greater purchasing larger quantities, you wind up paying significantly less per unit, saving you and your customers money in the long run.

Our K-Lock™ Gel Packs fall to the other extreme.  Cases of gel packs are very dense and, due to their weight, are also subject to high shipping rates when purchased individually.  By stretch-wrapping 36 or 40 cases (depending on the size gel pack), to a wooden skid and shipping via freight carrier, we are able to bring you cold packs at a fraction of what you might pay if you purchased them one case at a time.IMG_0014[1]

Our goal is to to work with you not just as a supplier, but a cold-chain partner.  By offering our products in complete bundles and pallets, we are able to provide you with a top-of-the-line protective packaging at a price you can afford.