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K-Lock™ Protective Packaging

K-Lock™ Insulated Shipping Boxes

EPS foam has become the standard in temperature assurance materials.  It has a wide range of characteristics that make it ideal for protecting sensitive products.  Customers trust our
insulated shipping boxes with their vaccines, biological materials, frozen foods, fresh produce, and much more.

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K-Lock™ Insulated Shipping Boxes are made from high-quality virgin EPS and meet the industry standards at a density of 1.2 pounds per cubic foot.  EPS resists the transfer of heat, keeping products colder, longer.  Few, if any, materials are able to achieve the insulating capabilities of our expanded polystyrene at such an affordable cost.


At a cellular level, expanded polystyrene is stable and will not deteriorate or breakdown over time.  It is also resistance to moisture and has no nutritional value, making it extremely difficult for any mold to grow.  This makes it a safe and effective material for shipping food, medicine, and other perishables.


EPS is actually about 98% air.  Switching to EPS packaging can significantly lower the total weight of your shipment, lowering not only transportation costs, but energy and fuel consumption as well.

Cushioning Capabilities

Expanded polystyrene consistently performs well in drop testing, and it’s for aptitude for shock absorption is ideal for fragile pack-outs.

Creative Design

K-Lock Insulated Shipping boxes’ unique ridge-and-groove design allows the lid to “lock” into place, keeping cold air in and warm air out.  Refrigerants stay frozen longer and your products arrive cold, safe, and fresh.

These foam shippers are available on their own or inside a 32 ECT corrugated shipping carton, all ready to pack up and ship out. With sizes ranging from 2.5 to 69 quarts in volume, we are confident that we have an insulated container to meet your shipping needs.

 K-Lock™ Synthetic Gel Packs

Our line of cold packs for shipping are designed to provide dependable temperature protection when used in conjunction with an insulated container.

Long LastingCold Packs for Shipping

Our gel mixture is specially formulated to stay frozen longer.  The cold packs will remain around 0°C while they change from a frozen solid back into a gel.

Puncture Resistant

We use heat-sealed, 4 mil puncture resistant polyethylene film for all of our K-Lock™ Gel Packs.

Safe, Non-toxic, and Reusable

K-Lock™ Gel Packs are manufactured using a non-toxic, GRAS polymer gel, so there are no worries about any potential food contact.  The strong seals, durable material, and long lasting gel formula make for a high quality refrigerant you can use again and again.