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Panel Lined Shippers: A Cost-effective Solution

Posted on: October 27th, 2014 by travis

There are a variety of reasons that a customer may not be willing to invest in molded foam coolers for their temperature sensitive shipments.  Some may have odd-shaped products, or need the ability to incorporate several different products into one size package.  Others may have products that are too large for standard sizes of molded foam.  Whatever the reason may be, we at Cooler Warehouse want to help!  We offer custom sized coolers that do not require custom molds or tooling.  These EPS panel lined shippers consist of an outer shipping carton and six customized foam panels made from the same high quality EPS foam as our K-Lock™ Insulated Shipping Boxes.  We can assemble the coolers for you on-site, or send you everything you need to do it yourself!  Simply use packaging tape to form your outer box, insert the bottom piece of foam, four sides, your product, and any gel packs that you require.  Then add the top piece of foam and tape up your shipment!  Taping the package securely keeps the six foam sides fitting tightly together, and will ensure high quality insulation over the course of transit.  Most EPS panel lined coolers are designed with what we call “wrap-around” sides, which follow each other around the outside of the box as shown here.  If you would like to use the same box for multiple products of varying sizes, we can design the foam sides so that one or more can be adjusted inside the same outer shipping carton.  This ensures that your larger items have the space they need, and your smaller items get the insulation and protection they require!  Contact Us today to learn more about our EPS panel shippers and molded foam coolers.