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Shipping with K-Lock™

Posted on: October 14th, 2014 by travis

If you are new to cold-chain logistics, then there are certain things that are important to know before you begin sending your temperature-controlled products out into the world.  Maybe you have started an online business, and want to send frozen or perishable food items to your customers.  Maybe you are sending important biological samples or pharmaceuticals.

Whatever your application, here are a few tips to help you get started.

Scheduling you Shipment

Whenever possible, plan to send your shipment early in the week.  This will give them the best chance to arrive at their destination before the weekend and avoid sitting for a couple days.  Make sure you allow about 24 hours for your gel packs to freeze.  (Full pallets of gel packs can take much longer, sometimes several weeks to freeze all the way through.)

Packaging your Product

It is best to protect your product by making sure there is some sort of plastic barrier between the product and the refrigerant.  Cold packs for shipping will often condensate;  a plastic bag or container will make sure your product stays nice and dry.

Creating the Pack-out

Since K-Lock™ insulated shipping containers from Cooler Warehouse come already assembled inside an outer shipping box, all you need to do is remove the cooler lid and you’re ready to start packing.  For the best results, try to surround as many sides of your product as possible with frozen gel packs.  At the very least, place the cold packs on top of your product.  The amount of frozen gel packs required may vary depending on the weight and nature of your product.  If you aren’t sure how much you need, give us a call!  We can test your product inside our environmental chamber and tell you exactly how much refrigerant you need to last as long as you need.

Fill in the Void Space

Fill in as much of the empty space in your pack-out as possible using newspaper, bubble-wrap, or some soft material you may have handy.  This will help to further insulate the container and reduce the amount of heat that can escape.

Ready to Ship

Secure the lid of your K-Lock™ molded foam cooler and tape up the shipping carton.  Slap on a shipping label and you’re ready to ship!