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Comparing Packaging Materials

Posted on: December 10th, 2014 by travis

With so many options when it comes to your packaging materials, it’s good to have a basic knowledge of the properties and characteristics of each material before making a final choice for your product.  At Cooler Warehouse, we have the ability to create a custom package to fit your specific requirements.

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)

Commonly referred to as Styrofoam, EPS foam is extremely lightweight and easy to mold and cut.  It is resistant to moisture and provides moderate shock absorption.  It’s highly effective insulation capabilities make it ideal for insulated shipping containers and box liners.  It is also the most economical of the expanded plastics, providing excellent thermal protection at a relatively low cost, and reducing shipping costs by reducing the total weight of the shipment.  For these reasons, we use EPS foam for our insulated shipping boxes and EPS box liners.

Expanded Polypropylene (EPP)

Expanded polypropylene is similar in appearance to EPS, but with greater shape memory.  Since EPP will maintain its structure and deform without breaking, it is excellent at absorbing shock and is commonly recommended for very fragile or high-cost items.  While it is a higher cost material, these costs can often be justified by significantly reducing the number of items damaged in transit, translating to an overall cost savings.

Expanded Polyethylene (EPE)

EPE has many of the same properties as expanded polypropylene, including its energy absorption capabilities and its shape memory, but it is even more elastic than expanded polypropylene.  It generally has a softer feel and and is highly resilient, with good shear strength.  This is also a higher cost material than EPS.

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